Nov 27, 2006

Just a quickie from Vivek "Dirtbike" Sanghi pointing out how to make your blogger v3.0 tags searchable in Technorati.

For full details follow the link:

Allow your labels to be searched in Technorati tags


Anonymous said...

Do you ever sleep?

When I have been doing this for a while I am sure I'll eat this stuff up. Right now it might as well be in Latin or Greek.

Do you know if it is possible to transfer a blog from one account to another?

Avatar said...

Yeah i do Victor, it is just that since everything i do has to do with computers i am always online too.

Yes, there is a way to do it:

invite yourself from a acccount to the other, give you admin rights, and then just erase the admin you don´t need anymore
that way the profile/id will now get synched with the blogs you want.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I tried that. Couldn't find a way to delete the original owner of the blog from my used account, so I deleted the entire account (the old one not the new one) that was a bad idea (mine, not yours) now I have it in my dashboard, but I can’t get to the permissions. Just my luck. Heck, all I want is to reclaim the URL. There isn't even anything on it, but now I can't delete it.

Thanks for your help anyway.

Avatar said...

whoops there, yeah the deleting of the account must be from the account you want to be deleted not from the one you want to remain.

and it can´t be able to access nothing no becuase you have deleted it, but since there is still a account synched to there, it enters into limbo where you can reach the url settings...

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