Nov 22, 2006

One of the most important focus of web 2.0 is Info Management, how to manage and interact with all information you can access while being online.

From that point on, the only thing that changes is the kind of information managed, in this case is all about News Management, news management is something everyone has to cope with in one way or other, some people want to be well informed, others want different versions from the same information and other need the information as reference, be either for a research, quick journalism check ups or Blogging of course.

Becuase with scoopr, you can track the news you are interested in (scoop this) knowing that any news in the front page is worthy of it without fearing, vote fraud, false buzz, etc., is just that, a way to manage your news in a constant never ending stream of content.

And if you need the official explanation of what scoopr is:

Scoopr is an automated service that analyzes news articles from over 4,000 different sources. We then analyze the article to find out the story behind it. Then we show you what story is getting the most press...

Scoopr is still at Private Alpha stage, so, it is still in a lot of motion from being in final form in what features will be, but is looks, and feels solid the idea may not seems that original, but the execution is everything so it is worth to check out and join.

Right now, profiles, comments, rss feeds and the main funtionality of the service are rock solid and ready.

So, that is it, the only thing i can say is that i like it. i will be following the start up progress and that if you are into News tracking, then Scoopr is just what you had been waiting form in one form or another.

You can score a invitation if you go to the Scoopr page and leave your e-mail:



David said...

Avatar thanks for the writeup! We'll be sure to let you know of updates!

Avatar said...

Glad to have you here David, updates and preferential s wil always be welcomed here.

daisy said...

Avatar,remember me?
i am daisy!So happy to meet you on techcrunch:)

Avatar said...

I think the same way daisy.


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