Nov 15, 2006

Snapshots?, yeah snapshots or headshots if you prefer, is the kind of photo shot you are using for a Profile photo if are familiar with having your photo in the profile of several services online.

and this where Mypictr comes in, it helps you to make your snapshots easier to use in several services without you having to edit them again and again after using the service becuase it shows you a window frame of how it would show in other services, that way you can make a snapshot to work in every service in one go with very easy photo editing tool to use.


oh, and if this don´t convice you enough you can go to this post from my friend Efendi:

Never Been This Easy !

Where he shows you how he did his Pictr.


Efendi said...

yup ! it's never been that easy ;)

Avatar said...

Yeah, i have used it already and i can verify that to be true.

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