Nov 27, 2006

Imagine this: Me not being able to make a sarcastic remark in this Blogger Says entry.

Yeah, quite shocking don´t it?

Well, Petey Pete point in a Blogger Buzz to a entry in the Gogle Data API Blog that bears the first FRONTAL call to the Hacker Community made by Google.

This is a more important announcement that it already seems, becuase for this two post entries to happen, really shows a strong interest in Google to Regain their "Cool Guys" badge at the eyes of Power Users and Hardcore users..

Something i can only cheer and give a reverence, becuase even if i am a Jaded Bastard, i alwasy recognize where credit is due.

So, cheers to Blogger And Google for this.

The Bleet Says:

The response from the some main players in the Bleet was something that quickly spreaded when the news broke open.

Two of the most concise reactions came from:

The man who is the definition of Cranky:


And of course, The Bleet WizKid:



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