Nov 27, 2006

One of the things that surprised me when i saw the Blogger v3.0 navbar besided that it now responded to the status of admins, was that it TWO buttons short:

The Flag? button:

That as everyone knows serves as a filter for bad/spam Content, but that one recently appeared again into the navbar as "Flag Blog" sporting a very ugly hovering notice.

The Blog This! Button

Wich were the one that i wondered the most considering the blog this funtionality has always been a staple in it, and something that was always promoted in Blogger, and becuase if this was not added from the beggining, could that mean it will bring more features when it does or maybe it´s because they have not decided if they are gonna add the very very delayed and lackluster feature of the "Send SMS" into it while they are it?

What More!?

As it is right now, even after the adding of Blog this, a button would still be able to fit there,i had never thought of itbefore, but what would be a good featute to have in the sidebar that is not there, that anyone could benefit from?


One could only wish that blogger would add the color parameters to the blogger v3.0 navbar, that surely would be well recived by most, or if not, that they could add more color combinations for it just as a nice common sense gesture.

And fi they feel daring, they could even add the ability to drag the search to a widget module inside the blog as a option to not having it in the navbar if wanted.

But who knows why they do things the way they do....



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