Nov 25, 2006

From the man who gave us the Rss referrers tip and this Bannner above (that needs a urgent redesign!). he is now bringing us a 3 columns Sand Dollar layout with some pre-installed Hacks up for the taking if you like that design.

Sand Dollar template hacked for blogger beta

The template also count with the nifty Bloggeratto´s Hovering Peek-a-boo blogger Navbar wich even if it is one of the simplest hacks ever, it is one of the coolest.. :P

So, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

No redesign required, cos it's not a banner, as I told you :)

Avatar said...

Could you still endulge me and comply Protesto?

for the my sake and the sake of your readers, c´mon, do it for the team (of good taste)


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