Nov 6, 2006

If, the first two things you were wondering while seeing the banner of this entry is:

1.-What the hell is that?
2.-What the Hell is a Moggy?

Well, the answer for both question is the same: A Purple Cat.

ok, after a surely to follow "ah" moment, this entry is about you puttiong to good use that shiny new defined feeds in your Blogger v3.0 blog to work for you.

And how are we gonna do that you may ask?.

Very easy, reading the PurpleMoggy´s Blog entry, where you can learn how to put direct links Syndication Icons aside to the Label list as a pointer for your readers letting them now they can filter your content in case they are more interested in some themes more than in others.

I don´t see that happening too much in Bloggeratto since i am too charming but since we live in a open online democracy(ok, lets pretend we do just for a minute ok?), choice must be a statement all by itself.

Adding Label Feeds to Your Template

Oh, and PurpleMoggy, welcome to the Blogger Scene.


Anonymous said...

haha....avatar.....thanks and your blog so far no need label,so just keep it like this,better!

Chubbs said...

I see the cat now!

Avatar said...


heh, well, i do want to have them, so we will see.


Ditto, i was not able to see the damn cat form until a third look.

Anonymous said...

good one ;)

and yes, I did originally use that pic as an avatar too
^^^bad joke alert!

Avatar said...


yeah, i am a Blast don´t it? :P

"and yes, I did originally use that pic as an avatar too
^^^bad joke alert!"

Destiny called and said:
step off the thin ice my man.

I think you should follow that advice, continue the good work and welcome, 3 more releases and you are of the Bleet (Blogger Elite/l33t/1337 =Bleet! - Clever and catchy or what?)

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