Nov 29, 2006

Websnapr is another start up that was originally developed by Juan Xavier Larrea and that he sold recently for a undisclosed 5 figures sum wich for a start up that lasted online something like 2 months, it is great that he got that money, becuase then he can focus on things like Blogspy, and feedorama wich are also Start ups he developed.

The service is that it can capture a screenshot of almost any site but that it main atractive it the post screenshot taking funtionality of being able to add this photos as preview thumbnails for your links.

Just hover this link to see it in action:

(wich by the way has y favorite websnapr integration)

I love the principle behind the idea of it, even if the execution and the use of it from the let go it is not something more than a nifty trick.

So, if you want to check the site, you can go here:


To install in your Blog, go here:

WebSnapr For Blogger


Anonymous said...

Hey Avatar,

I need a map to find my way through your blog. I link to you through my own blog, and as soon as your page opens, I feel like Alice in Wonderland while she is very small, knocking on a great big door, hoping someone will hear me and rescue me, but knowing no one will. I wish you would come visit me, where I know how to navigate.

I don't know when I'll ever learn. I knew the moment I told someone that I'm getting used to Beta and actually like it now, something would go wrong and I'd end up eating my words. Serena Joy and Steve G have both been having login problems, and I told them how I solved the problem, but pointed them over here. You know, now that I think about it, I never get a straight answer from them when I ask if they're still having a problem.

Anyway, I'm having a login issue with Beta, and I'd like to get your advice. Actually, you should come and do a clinic over at my blog and let all the people I know who are having issues pick your brain. A few people have been talking about making the switch, but are worried because of what they've heard about it. Or is that like asking the Pope to come give us a blessing? I'm not clear on whether you do this for fun or profit, because it might as well be Chinese to me. I understand about 1/10 of what I see on your blog. And of course, I'm lost. Don't take it personally. I get lost in my own back yard. Please, if you find the time, will you come see me, or send me an e-mail?

And yanno what? You never did give me an answer when I asked you what you write.

Thanks, Avatar

Avatar said...

As i said at your blog i will be dedicating a post to your issiues concerns,etc.

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