Nov 15, 2006

The Purple Cat Called Moggy is back with a new Hack for all of you to use if anyone is feeling like doing it of course.

Back when i Buzzed PurpleMoggy the first thing i noticed was his 4 in 1 search box:

So i knew it was only a matter of time until he posted how to get one, and that time is now so if you feel like having it here is the post where the good Cat (pun intended) can help you out with that:

Search Box: 4-in-1


P.moggy (he is a cool cat you know?) just let me know that he made another tutorial for the 4 in 1 search box, so if you din´t really made it with the first tutorial try this one instead:

Search Box: 4-in-1 [A Better Tutorial]


Anonymous said...

Is there no real innovation left... or does this do anything different than what Google's AJAX Search API has to offer? :P

Anonymous said...

This doesn't use Google's Ajax Search API at all :P

BTW I added a better tutorial located here

On a semi-related search note... does the search box on this page (the one "powered by aditya") work for anyone else? It alwasy gives me an undefined error.

Avatar said...


Such a comedian Aditya, really, you always were a comedy riot.



eh, pay no mind to aditya comment, he was just being funny there, i heard college does that to people.

yeah, i noticed, consider this post edited.

oh and i know the search don´t works, i have keep forget it to update it but it is also Aditya fault, :P

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