Nov 9, 2006

Bloggerosphere favorite eagle eyed old man known by everyone as Phydeaux3 spotted two new documentation pages in Blogger named:

1.-How do I create new widgets for other people to add to their layouts?

This one comes with a detailed tutorial on how to structurate such one click widget you can share with others.

2.-How do I add third-party page elements to my layout?
In this other page details how such element is going to be added to a template.

Phy3 went all the way and even added a puppies flickr widget as a proof of the process. and you can see that process, the flickr widget and the one click button that wich you can click to add such widget to a Blogger v3.0 Blog.

OMG! Puppies!

bah, puppies, i am more of a cat person too.


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