Nov 6, 2006

O R LY?, that is it?, Blogger finished the feature set for Blogger v3.0, are they serious?

Well, call for a HUGE underwhelming feeling from me, i guess that with all released it only even Blogger out with the Top of the crop(wordpress) out of the gate, and Blogger Bleet exploits help it to even out with the darned wordpress plugins.

But sheesh.. that is the official word from Blogger Buzz.

Now, the really good news are that:

1.-This should make the B-team to focus on the Known Issues left to iron out of the way making the service to run like if it was laser.

2.-Ftp user are no longer second rate citizens for the Bloggerosphere and have been upgraded.

One worthy note to make about the FTP is that in order for it to be upgraded it is said you have to use a Blogger v2.0 template on Blogger v3.0?..umm, it guess that is because of the dynamc front end not getting along the new Dynamic serving v3.0.

this is interesting because it makes me wonder how the tags, labels and other featres are being served to FTP users that way, something to look for even if they say that very very very soona new batch f users are going to be open for migration to v3.0.

This must not cause overexcitemnt since the old rules for not migration candidates apply and becuase as i said long ago when they released v3.0, there is no way that they can migrate the userbase in it´s entirely in one blow, so if to my calculations the actual userbase of v2.0 that has migrated is about 20-30%, then the minimum to be migrated in this ew batch will be 10% more and the maximum should be 30% at most., that sums 50-60% of the userbase, so, the schedule remains the same as i see it, only by the endof this year or by the early start of next(january) will be when over 60% of the userbase will be in v3.0.

I was gonna put all the commentary about really needed features and stuff like that to be in this very post but it would make for a too long of a post, so i will break into more posts that will run over this week.


Singpolyma said...

I don't see what everyone's big stink is about here... What happened to all the things we love about Blogger BETA? Let me list just a few:

1) Categories! The #1 request and hack has finally come!
2) A way better widget-definition language (different, but definitely better in almost all cases)
3) Nicer archive widgets
4) Change fonts/colours and link lists with no code for those non-techies
5) HTML widget option to bridge some hacks and the non-geek world
6) Comment feeds (total and per-post)
7) Category feeds too, duh

To name a few. They hit us with all of this at once in the original BETA release and we were overwhelmed and overjoyed. Why say now that they've ironed out many bugs that it's not ready? It's past ready. There's some things I wish were different (peek-a-boo allowed in code, inline comment form allowed to work, XHTML compliance), but overall it is more than 100% better than Blogger Classic, and as always more than 300% better than any other free blogging service that I have seen.

Avatar said...

"I don't see what everyone's big stink is about here"

well, maybe you don´t see it, but since i have used every single one of the top options in blogging platforms and even some experimental ones, i will tell you what we still need in a following post.

(maybe is the thing that i test too much software all the time?)

now, all that you have mentioned ( not to be harsh harsh) but is irrelevant, because is the minimum expected compared to what the other blogging platforms already have.

In this thing new web 2.0 game, is all about the peripherials for the blogger platform should have and the options it should give, and how Blogger has a very broken brand in terms to empower their users besides freedom, in this case it´s almost like the beatles song "all you need is love" just replacing love with freedom, freedom is no longer enough when you have tht 90% of the user will not be able to code their way in

Gve us option to upgrade, give us integration, give us a strong brand, give us peripherials...

About that last bit, that refers in the way for example wordpress does things with their plugins and how they actually work with other companies to bring special plugins for their platform, how the community is formed that allows a more widespread distribution when a plugins gets popular, i could really go on and on.

I know Blogger from hardly a month after it was launched, and before it being bought by google it was even selling domains, it was testing audioblogger for later integrations and even was preparing photo handling (wich got used for the ghost like brandless service of blogger photo hosting) and even was developing into future podcasting, wich is no surprise why after evan williams left blogger he formed Odeo leaving with those very ideas and even bought out the oportunity of hosting audioblogger that originally was hosted by audiopost in order to test the waters.

I know Blogger is changing for good, never before in the blogger v2.0 the blogger buzz blog started to be so active again, never before blogger employes gave a step forward to the users and never before they seemed to be eager of feedback (given the recent google survey call for it) and never before the company offered actual apologies to their users left and right.

should i stop throwing them punches?

NO WAY, we must never let corporation to rest in their laurels, we must push them around hard in order they don´t stop innovating, more to a company that takes that in their motto.

There are already lots of blogges that send too much kisses to the B.

I Really think, you are just way too good, you are just such a nice guy about everything and that i got you in the highest regards. you truly have aheart of gold man..


Anonymous said...

Buzz announces that now you can use a Blogger 3.0 template with FTP publishing.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I think I got it wrong...

Singpolyma said...

While I see some of that (one must not let the company think that they are done and can stop working now), I still contend that Blogger (and especially BETA) is more feature-complete than any other free blogging service (it is not fair to compare to WordPress, since that only works in a feature-complete way when you have your own hosting...)

I guess the question would be, if there's another service that whips Blogger why are you still here? ;)

Manas said...

Now, I don't think that by announcing that "Blogger Beta is feature complete", Blogger is saying they will not be adding any new features.

They are saying that Blogger Beta now has all the normal features that the old Blogger had.So we can expect them to keep on adding new features..

As Blogger Help says..

"All this is just the beginning, with much more to come. Dynamic serving will provide us with some interesting new ways to sort and search blogs by topic or keyword, for instance.We've got some other fun possibilities in mind as well, like fancier template editing and more posting features. The sky's the limit, so stay tuned for more features and updates!"

Avatar said...




See Above response


Ok, i will take it to the next level, and will answer your question in a post


I will also take this and answer it in that same post i am going to use to reply to this kind of issues.

Avatar said...

this and more answered in :

Why The New Blogger Is Underwhelming - 1 of 3

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