Nov 9, 2006

Personally, i love to read quotes, but as a writer i would never use them if they were not mine because i am fed up of it when i read other writers doing it just way too much.

However, i do have my own favorite quotes from myself, and if you do like to put quotes of your favorite authors or you too like to throw in your own, then this is a hack you will like.

It comes from the always energetic Annie Bluesky and you can get anything you need to know in this post:

Blogger Beta: Random Quote Generator


phydeaux3 said...

"However, i do have my own favorite quotes from myself,"

Hahahaaaa! Why does that not surprise me?


Avatar said...


well, when you are quotable, you are quotable, what i can say?.... :P

Marnia Waugh said...

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