Nov 6, 2006

There is not a idea that cannot be made put to use in some form, and that is what Vivek Sanghi is showing us by taking something not really put into the spotlight until now.

There are elements in the sidebars that belong to the main but you wish they didn´t need to appear in the item pages, and the are thing that you really don´t want to punt in your main index but that you wish they could be in the item pages, and even beyond thaqt, how about having elements that display only in the archive pages or in the label pages?..

I bet you haven´t thought about it, i had the notion in my head after hoctro put the first stone in that with Feed widgets Just In The Main tweak, but now that i see it expanded by Vivek, i recognize that the idea is pure Gold.

So, who don´t likes gold?, ready your fingers in your Mouse and get yourself some of that Blogger Tweak Gold.

Here is the main vein for it, and from there Two more post to exploit to follow:

Displaying widgets only on comment, label, search and archive pages


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