Nov 15, 2006

Nothing really groundbreaking of a an announcement just that they have moved on, and they really want you to move on to blogger v3.0 wich makes a lot of sense giving how this thing will be dead next year.

the only thing i find funny is that there is clarifying note that says:

You can still create a new account on the old Blogger if you need to claim a mobile blog, join a team blog, or are using a language we haven’t added to the new version of Blogger.

Funny becuase they don´t tell you how, if you enter it will want you to do the account in the new blogger, i could find out but, i think that is where the message of the note relies:

"why bother to do a new Blogger v2.0 account now that Blogger v3.0 is an option?"


Gaby de Wilde said...

They are managing the world's database as if it's a toy for kids. I cant even look at it anymore. [img][/img]

Anonymous said...

That is really bad~ My friend couldn't create a new account on the old blogger. It redirects to the Blogger beta. > <

Avatar said...


hehehe, hey good to see you around here.


yeah, that is the thing, how is suppossed the average user is going to find out how to do a account at Blogger v2.0?.. the answer: not going to happen.

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