Nov 9, 2006

As time passes, the more and more real my remark of Blogger v3.0 hacks crushing all what´s it´s possible in Blogger v2.0 before this year ends.

I say that, becuase this hack is just about that, about listing as much of what it was before from your previous posts as possible and placing it selectively only in your post pages.

So, if you are interested in providing a road map to your readers when they land into a post, this is for you.

Listing of Latest Posts using Ajax for Firefox Browser


phydeaux3 said...

How about getting a 50 recent post list without any javascript? :-)

Anonymous said...


I owe you a bunch!!! Thanks for featuring on countless times for the last 2+ months!


Nice "50 posts" feature you have on your blog there! Let me guess: another Archived widget w/o the months spelled out? Brilliant!!! And it's true, you don't need a single javascript line! I didn't thought of that! I thought you could only have one Archive widget max (that's what Blogger says in the "Add element" window.


Avatar said...


Very interested in see the how to post, release it.The Baby Jesus commands you.


not at all Hoctro, thanks to you, and i am behind schedule with you, but some of them i guess will have to be retoposted again.

and yeah, Phye3 must release the mod, more now after DARED to tease me.

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