Nov 10, 2006

I wanted to capture the intire message of the Blogger Buzz post, so there you have it, if they took a chance to make another post even if it was already stated in the post before is because:

1.-Not many people were switching and it was lost in the actual main message of the post

2.-there has been some reclaims that it didn´t work, worked badly or people are clueless

Wich is not Blogger fault, you must check that your provider allows FTP, and if you founded one that don´t allows it, well, frankly your provider SUCKS, so go in the search for other.

I would recommend you some, but after one of my prefered host shot itself in the foot, i prefer not to do it.

Now, if you host provides FTP support, check if they also allow SFTP, if they do, use the later.

So, there you go, don´t be a second rate citizen in the Bloggerosphere and UPGRADE.


kca said...

i still not understand why u r so so rude with Blogger....;)

Avatar said...


You are kidding?, this is my warmest and more smooching Blogger Says up to now....


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