Nov 29, 2006

You have decided you wanted to have Websnapr in your Blogger Blog, now what?, where is the easy to go tutorail to install it?

Well, look no further: i got you the Right directions directions here:

For Blogger v2.0:


The tutorial comes from my good friend of Portugal Ricardo Santos that let me know not really that long ago that he had made a tutorial post for websnapr and here you have the link for that post:

WebSnapr for blogger classic and beta

In this,yu have to work a little bit to get it done, but it is customizable and you make the calls fro when to use it or not


If you want it the slacker way, then you only need to go to the BloggerBubble proyect post from and follow the directions there:


(One note to add is that you can also put the code just before the start BODY tag and it will be ready to go)

Adn that is it, you have it working in your blog with already adjusted settings:


* Ignores local, mailto and ftp links.
* Ignores links that point to zip, exe, rar, swf, mp3, wav, mid, avi, mov, mpg, mpeg, wmv, pdf, doc, ppt, xls, jpeg, gif, png files.

For Blogger v3.0:


Sorry guys, but only regular version only for the time being( but don´t worry it is easy to follow), so head over again to Ricardo Post and follow the Blogger v3.0 instructions:

WebSnapr for blogger classic and beta

The results are determined by you as in the v2.0 installation

There, you got your Websnapr working in Blogger in no time.


loui$$ said...

Avatar,louiss here,thanks for sharing,but is it available for other then screenshot only?i mean like when our mouse move to the link then come out with the picture,is there got the software?

Avatar said...

i don´t follow what you mean exactly Loui$$, elaborate.

Anonymous said...

I mean can we show only picture like example cake picture,when the someone move to that link,and not only screen shot,it is possible?

Avatar said...

ohh, i understood you know, yes it is possible, you have to code the links, but this screenshot thing started as a script that i cannot for my life remember who originally coded it at this moment.

Anonymous said... complicated...nvm....thanks avatar!

Avatar said...

Not really Loui$$, it just manual work..

oh, and how it is that you have not joined to the Bloggeratto Community at MyBlogLog?....

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