Dec 1, 2006

Quickie Method for everyone to use courtesy of PurpleMoggy i if you would like to change your default native blogger syndication from Atom to Rss:

Replace Atom With Rss


Anonymous said...

It's very strange that they haven't included an option to do this without some manual editing

If you look at the code, the Atom part isn't hardcoded, it actually uses a couple data tags that get replaced with the mimetype and feedtype, which seems to imply that the option for which to use (Atom or RSS) should be there

Anonymous said...

You know I just realized that the purple cat is on the "wrong" side :P

Avatar said...

That is not the only thing they have left weirdly undefined inside the template languague, i mean, there are a lot of options that seem to have been relegated for later use, or leaved at the open so the Bleet can finish them becuase they really don´t see them as prioritaire.

Oh, and i am glad you here in the scene P.M, i now consider you Part of The Bleet as well.

Avatar said...

Oh and the cat it is not in the wrong side, that cat is just free to come and go around.

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