Dec 2, 2006

I guess Blogger now wants to take some words out of the pages of Flock PR book making noticable user into stars (Flockstars) and Graham has decided to post a shoutout in the Blogger Buzz with that very word talking about a list of people in the Google Blogger help Group that got posted by the Google Blogger Help Group moderator (yeah, they got one now) thanking them for their participation in the group, no am not making this up, remember that google has changed now.

Here is where you can find that post:

Our Official Blog*Stars

That list consist of a very particular list of individuals that do deserve such recognition, i know them all in the blogging sense of the word, and i found very amusing that they are now in the Blogger Help group for reasons i will keep for myself.

Now, there is someone i know better than the others, and that i am not surprised to see her in that list, and that is without a doubt Rose Desrochers

Rose has quite a impressive resume and she has her own Blog Related Forum at Blogger Talk and she has reached the number one spot at the BloggerForum, that is the oldest Blogger Related Forum and where even certain members of the Bleet come from, including me of course.

Rose has a long history of helping out, and to her i do a reverence becuase i have always found that something worth of admiration.

Rose personally invited me to her Blogger forum, but as with all the rest who have inivted me to one (i get invited to forums on a almost weekly basis) i declined becuase i really hate the phpbb format, and because i have my own agenda on that part, so Rose, it was nothing personal at all.

The only thing funny to mention about Rose is that she is no longer using a Blogger Powered Blog but a Wordpress Powered one.....Oh the sweet sweet irony.

But if you want to join a Blogger related forum, just follow the links becuase i vouch for Rose, and for the Blogger Forum as your best option in that matter.

Now, about the Blogger help group, i entered it when it opened and i quickly dominated it completely for a little while a long my britsh pal Taoski to whom i salute even if he also bailed out of, you got another irony there.

I will be rejoining it starting next year with the very idea of dominating it agan just for kicks.

But the Blogger help group at that time was not only new, but there was not such thing as a active moderator there and it is very clear now that gropu was put active in preparation for Blogger v3.0 and not v2.0 since if that would have been the case such a group would have existed from the start of Google groups..but it seems all part of the new image Google want to give Blogger and itself, and that is a good thing.

Google really needs to focus now that the corporation realized they are losing a lot of battles becuase of that, the most recent case was google shutting down Google Answers becuase it never took off and Because Yahoo Answers erased any chance of them to compete in that area, wich is not surprising considering how good yahoo answers is compared to Google own version.

And well, i just wonder to whom they would add that word later and if that is going to become a recurrent theme when Blogger gives praise to someone..

Only time will tell.


well, rose didn´t liked her photo being in the post so i removed it.


Anonymous said...

They r funny these folks, busy to invit you to join some folks using Wordpress when all my blogs DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE THE WYSIWYG EDITOR SINCE 3 DAYS!!!

And please do not insult my inteligence by advise me to check the function in Setting/basic/Global setting...

KCA said...

The previous message was by me! Sorry to bother you Avatar but the Blogger help does not help.... just need to shout out my pain.^^

Rose said...

Thanks for the shout out, but could you please remove my picture from your blog?

Avatar said...


When i have insuleted anyone intelligence?...

well, i there three easy fixes that must be tried in this order,if anything of this don´t fix your blog then, i really don´t know.

1.-Clear the cache of your browser, sign out, and sign in again, it should be solved.
2.-clear the cache of all the intenet temporary files directly from windows internet options., close the browsers before doing so, and then start it/them again, and log in- it should be solved.
3.-change something in your settings, anything, republish the blog, log out and log in again, - it should be fixed.

IF this don´t fix it, then come back to me.


Hehehe, sorry rose, i didn´t thought it would bother you that much. in any way i have removed it.

oh, and glad to see you around.

Anonymous said...

When i have insuleted anyone intelligence?...

It was not for you Avatar, you know i got just love for people who are keep doing the dirty job for Blogger folks by bringing some hacks! Thanks to you folks!^^

Now i got an other problem with the photo upload, when you take a look at the source, it seems that Blogger change theirs servers, and now the photo got an "ID"... But it does not solve my problem: Photo are not displayed properly... I think i will give a shot to Wordpress some days.


Avatar said...


yeah, i know that problem, and for that problem there is not much you can do in that case since Blogger don´t has option to control the phots in anyway..

about the wordpress thing.....Ve con Dios.


Rose said...

KCA, I sure hope you were not talking to me and Avatar you were hotlinking to my picture. Tisk Tisk! Thanks for removing it.

Avatar said...

you would be as upset if i had hosted it, but well, of course i removed it..

i never meant to make you hiss me.


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