Dec 21, 2006

Invox is the post thread where i will answer the questions you send my way

This time the questions is a more serious thing, i have been asked this very question a lot , and i mean a lot lately but the last time came from a very scared Chaim

I'm deathly afraid of what will happen if I switch. I have tons of hacks and customized template editing on my blog. Will all that carry over or will I have to start from scratch and redo all my hacks and customization?

This talk about how big is the desinformation of what happens when you switch to the new blogger (v3.0), so i am going to answer this in a very serious way:

1.-Emu v2.0 at v3.0( Old blogger engine running emulated on the new blogger)

This is the mid transition point, i am in it too, and there are five things you need to know even when you are running your old template and blog in this version:

Post Transition Notes For Blogger v2.0 Users

And that is becuase even at that version things will break and change forever.

2.-Full v3.0(fully running in the new Blogger)

The answer is:


yes, this is not really being advertised by Blogger for obvious resons.

But it should be said in a frontal form.

3.-What to do?

Switch over, you will be placed at the emulated v2.0, and then open a test blog to port everything you had before and adjust to the new blogger.

Or if you are brave and really want to feel the new year, leave all behind and start over from zero.


So, now you know, you have been warned.


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