Dec 4, 2006

Singpolyma recived the request to do a Link List Widget, but with Peek-a-boo funtionality, and as to hims such a thing is a walk in the park, he delivered one:

peek-a-boo link lists

How To Install For Non-Techies:

1.-Grab the code from Singpolyma post (i recomend you the first one)
2.-Go to your template
2.-Go to the Edit HTML section
3.-Choose The Expand Widgets Mode
4.-Search for this code, and then put singpolyma code just after it:

5.-Save and return to the page element section, where you will find your new page element in your sidebar like this:

6.-Edit the page element to your liking (add the [+/-] in the title field) and save.
7.-check your updated blog that now will sport the new special page element:

And that is it.

Very easy and can be done in 3 minutes tops.

To check a live example, just go here

My only nitpick would be that there should be a version collapsed by default.


Singpolyma said...

By popular request, the default is now collapsed :)

Avatar said...

great to know stephen, i will update the post.

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