Dec 11, 2006
Iguess i forgot how much stuff needs to be reworked even if you are using v2.0 mode in the v3.0 engine.

There are 5 things that will change forever from that moment on:

1.-Your Profile

Your Old v2.0 profile will be useless until you reboot it, just go to your profile and save it as it is so it gets rebooted and anyone can see it again.

2.-The Search

Your search now will happen in-main, wich is a excellent thing, but if the term searched is not found it will not sport any message about that.

3.-Your Feeds

All your feeds have changed ,so, if you had some subscribers with your old v2.0 feeds, they are long gone.

4.-Not Blogger Commenter Names

All the commenters that were not logged in when they commented in your posts will lose their names in the coments along with the links (if added) and replaced with Anonymous as their ID commenter name.

5.-Previous Customization

Some of your previous customizations, be either widgets, template adjustments and of course hacks will break after the transition and you will have to reinstall or port to v3.0 to recover them.

So, if you are going to do the transition, have all of this in mind.


Efendi said...

now this is a VERY VALUABLE information for those who wanted to switch !

blogger should've put this on the help section !

btw, i notice the speed issues now too ... hm...

Avatar said...


I know, i guess they really want you to get pissed off enough to do the full change and don´t stay too much at emu v2.0.

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