Dec 6, 2006

A lot of people think that PR and DR are easy, well, they aren´t, so i am quite pleased to see how good Eric Case is at it, he can talk about the product without sounding like a robot and being concrete on both areas of interest.

So, what am a talking about here?

As Pete already posted at Blogger Buzz Eric Case from the Blogger Team gave interview to noted videobloggers Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson which if you don´t know are some of the most noted VideoBloggers for videoblogger and they promote just that in our favorite form: Free.

So, the interview was posted originally at Ryanne Blog , who you can find with the Freevlog team composed by her and Michael Verdi

So far so good, but how it is possible that if they are suppossed to be in the new they still practice 1.0 videoblogging?, i mean ok, sure, having the direct option to download the videos is a must for Netcasting, but it should be a option apart, not the rule, and if you are just going to be offering downloads of the videos, then it is impreative you offer PC main formats too (wmv,avi and Mpg) and not only Quicktime, not all of us are Mac hipsters...

(i kid, i kid)

So, as i belive the actual PRESENT of videoblogging is flash embeds, i bring you the video here in a pristine clarity for you to watch:

This Video is perfect for anyone that really have not got into Blogger v3.0 all the way, and to those who have is a perfect review of what has happened since the v3.0 was outed because it comes from the perpective of someone that is in both fences, the google and the Blogger one, that even today, they remain separate entities, that to our benefit and theirs are now integrating to erase such borders.

For me,the most important note was he saying that they would look into both audio and videoblogging within Blogger v3.0, as i had said before this is one of the main points on how Blogger should change.

Even if he s PR, just that he said it gives me some kind of hope for it.

And if you are of the lucky ones to have soapbox too, and want to leave me a happy/angry comment, you can also do it at the place of the video at:

Video: Blogger v3.0 and Videoblogging With Eric Case


karr said...

soapbox?, looks excellent

Anonymous said...

hum, hum... hrrr they r funny theses people at Blogger.
Is it possible for them to finish, hrr sorry: to fix and finish Blogger at 100% before moving to an other idea?

if we compare it to Wordpress. , I got a list of 100 items missing to Blogger. And we should issue a list right away, that we will call it: The Missing Blogger, but keep it quiet 'cause Blogger is free and we should be happy about it^^.
And it make me think about some questions a got on my mind lately: How much pessos Google make with Blogger? How many people using Blogger install some adsense on their page?

Anonymous said...

please tell me how you do it ? the comment like this??

Avatar said...


hahaha, you are right and if you need more reassurance just go to this other posts:

Why The New Blogger Is Underwhelming - 1 of 3


Why The New Blogger Is Underwhelming - 2 of 3

3 to follow.


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