Dec 14, 2006

One of the thing i like the most about Hans is that HE CARES about everyone, and i mean everyone, why? well, he just did a widget creator for Blogger FTP users, if that is not extra care, i don´t know what it is.

And i am not saying the rest of the Bleet don´t cares, it is just that Hans went a extra mile, and anyone who states otherwise can discuss it here.

Anyway, the drill is the same as with the other widget creators, the only thing that changes is the target users for it, so if any of you know a FTP Blogger, let him know about this.

Recent Posts Widget for FTP Blogs


Brainiac said...

Una idea que no ha aplicado Hans y me sorprende ya que el widget Installer se lo ví por primera vez a el, es que puedas poner en tu blog un botón para que la gente se instale un widget con el feed de tu blog en el suyo!

Por cierto he visto que te has puesto SNAP, es sencillamente genial este widget!

Avatar said...

ya existe, espera mas al respecto muy pronto.

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