Dec 28, 2006

This development is part of the Ideas Post call i did to the Bleet and beyond, as a way for anyone brave enough to take on a challange had something to munch on.

And Stephen as the man how is the definition of what Bleet stands took upon on making Lightbox GW work for Blogger.

Now, what it is Lightbox GW and why is better than the regular lightbox script, and that is because they can contain media on them, just like MS has took them back and they are using them in Soapbox in the best way i have seen yet, or how you can see Digg also using them now for they video redistribution, all of that is done by Simi-Modal windows, why they are called like that and where does this comes from?

The short version of the story is that someone that were doing web developments for displaying in IE got to do what he denomined as Sub-Modal windows, windows that didn´t neede to open a new browser window, but that opened inside the already opened window, but that were not really a window, but more like a evolution of a prompt dialog and the objective was to save transitions and to mantain the concentration of the user.

But this is not truly Sub-modal on the technical terms, but on the look of things that is really something you would don´t know just from seeing it works, so it is is more of a simil, hence the simi pfrefix, it is also called semi or quasi, but i preferend simi.

This never catched up at the time it was created, but thanks to Lokesh that did Lightbox the guys at Particle Tree went with the idea and developed Lightbox GW based on it.

Now, this can be a GREAT feature if used well, and it really represents for me what the new web must be. so please take a look at it.

So, that is all the story, now you only need to go to Singpolyma post for the code and details.

I will be sporting it in Bloggeratto very soon and talking more about it.

Lightbox Gone Wild for Blogger


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