Dec 14, 2006

The message of all this post can be resumed by it´s title.

I will be reiterating this again: you can ask me away whatever you want,request hacks, articles, you name it, and you got 5 ways to do it so:

1.-IM (gtalk,msn,yahoo,icq and aim)
2.-Chat by Plugoo, not matter if it says offline or busy, the messages reach me, just put you e-mail and i will reply back.
4.-Comments in the blog
5.-By phone (if you know it of course)

Ok, now, leaving that behind, let pass to some doubts that S.W had:

she asked recently about a comments problem she had to which i already replied, and before that she said:

Hey Avatar,

I need a map to find my way through your blog. I link to you through my own blog, and as soon as your page opens, I feel like Alice in Wonderland while she is very small, knocking on a great big door, hoping someone will hear me and rescue me, but knowing no one will. I wish you would come visit me, where I know how to navigate.

I don't know when I'll ever learn. I knew the moment I told someone that I'm getting used to Beta and actually like it now, something would go wrong and I'd end up eating my words. Serena Joy and Steve G have both been having login problems, and I told them how I solved the problem, but pointed them over here. You know, now that I think about it, I never get a straight answer from them when I ask if they're still having a problem.

Anyway, I'm having a login issue with Beta, and I'd like to get your advice. Actually, you should come and do a clinic over at my blog and let all the people I know who are having issues pick your brain. A few people have been talking about making the switch, but are worried because of what they've heard about it. Or is that like asking the Pope to come give us a blessing? I'm not clear on whether you do this for fun or profit, because it might as well be Chinese to me. I understand about 1/10 of what I see on your blog. And of course, I'm lost. Don't take it personally. I get lost in my own back yard. Please, if you find the time, will you come see me, or send me an e-mail?

And yanno what? You never did give me an answer when I asked you what you write.

Thanks, Avatar

Ok, let´s see:

I was really shocked when you told me that redhead, but i guess that you feeling lost must be on what the technicalities of the posts imply or talk about i hope.

i do try to make an effort and make the posts as easy to follow as possible without extending myself too much, but i will be having that in count.

Visiting your blog from the inside would not be a problem, i will write you to ask you for the keys.

You can quote this post and send anyone with problems to this post so they know how much i mean that it is not a problem to answer questions.

I do it because i am a very stubborn man with a set of principles so solid set in stone that it is almost scary, i know that this don´t fully answers your question but, let´s just say that Bloggeratto was not my first blog but my tenth blog, and that my first blogs were actually popular some years back, but they had nothing to do with this, and back then i did it for both profit and fun.

The login proble with beta it actually a corruption that generates in the browser, you must free the cache and cookies of your browser, close it and restart, it should be solved then.

And, no i don´t take this as a personal thing, i know you like me, well but who dosen´t right? ;)

About what a kind of writer i were?, i was a fast fiction writer at the start, scripter later and finally a novelist, weird progression, but that is how it happened with me.


And there you have it folks, whatever you want to know, just ask.


Zac Bentz said...


I have a pretty basic question: How can I add vertical separators to a three column template like those you have between your columns?

It would be even better if I could add a different background color to the posts in the body, while keeping the standard background color for the rest of the page. That may get a little ugly though, so I think I'd like to stick with the simple vertical separators.


Avatar said...

i got the answer to both of your questions, i may even answer them in a post.

wait for the reply.

Southern Writer said...

Now see, Avatar, I am just now finding your reply! And I never got any mail from you, dude!

My login issues are worse. This morning, when I tried to login, Blogger told me I had to sign in with my Google info, which I did, but nooooooooooo; it won't take it. I cleared the cache, deleted the cookie, checked my security settings, rebooted, and NOTHING. It still won't let me in. Sigh. God I hate Blogger. I went to the help group, but you know how that is - I may get an answer next month, if I'm lucky. Please can you help me? I've got this page bookmarked now, I should be able to find my way back here.

Southern Writer said...

Can I swear on your blog? #^$#%$^$%&&!!!!!!! F**K!!!!! In the help group they said they need my url, and I f**king tried to give it to them, but it told me I can't do anything there because I'm not a f**king member (again), so I rejoined and it WILL NOT send me a confirmation to my mailbox. I asked it at least ten times. WTF???? I can't even get in there to give it my f**king url, so I can get some f**ing help. And you're somewhere enjoying your holidays I suppose because it's been all day and I haven't heard from you. This f**ing sucks.

Southern Writer said...

You know what else? When I click on "You only need to ask" in your comments section, it goes to my profile, not your post. What's up with that???

Avatar said...


Oh my, oh my Redhead, i am answering here from the let go:

1.-The logins issues:

Blogger fault, no questions there, is it a glitch they have going and that at the moment of writing this, should be cleared..

2.-The Help Group:

With all due respect for the Blog*stars they are very limited in terms of fixing problems right now, the why i have decided i will return full force into it in january.

There is a catch, but is a good one.

3.-the comments sections got to likns, one for your name, so people can go to your blogs from the profile and the link for the post.


Oh and you can swear and curse all that you want with all the letters, it is always cool picturing it in my head, you cursing at the monitor..

and, am right here relax.. it just that this part of the year has been insane..

And no vacation from me, i will be blogging all the holidays.

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