Dec 12, 2006

Yeah i felt the exact same thing when i looked at the new design in Aditya New Blog.

But lets forget that questionable Design of his aside and concentrate that Aditya is now Blogging at v3.0 in full force which means he will come up with something to wow us next year that is now around the corner.

If you have not followed his return, just go to this selected posts:


His own "i am back for real" post


Aditya starts feeling comfortable and goes nuts adding strange features(special shortcuts for god sake) that only geeks can get excited about.

and tells the story on how he tested Phydeaux3 patience, i like that part.

Feeded to the teeth

Aditya gets into normality and bring us a well thought post on how important feeds are for our future with Blogger v3.0 and how i predicted it first (what?, am not kidding)


Aditya said...

I see you got my rework! C'mon! It looks nice! :) And thanks for the comeback chronicle!

Avatar said...

it looks very amusing.. not bad, just amusing.

and no problem my dear friend.

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