Dec 13, 2006

Imp got on a little rant about Blogger Comment Shortcoming and has a interesting list of what she would like to be resolved/have when it comes to Blogger Comment System:

* If I'm adding a comment to my own blog to reply to others' comments, and I'm logged in so you know it's me, please please could you fix it so I don't have to do the word verification CAPTCHA? (I sometimes type type the letters all wrong and have to redo it, my poor lil fingers have been working a lot lately and need a rest, plus it sure ain't stopping the spambots, just me!)
* Which reminds me, yet again, please build in an anti-comment spam thingy? I'm getting more spam comments than legit ones.
* And how about enabling bulk delete of comments (yes, including "forever") by ticking a checkbox against 'em in a list that I can call up? Say a list of all comments on a particular post, or a list of all comments (on any posts) made since a particular date, or both? Yes, it's those spam comments again.
* Please fix the unresizable window for comments popups at some point too? - if you've a chance...
* I suspect enabling editing of comments in Beta won't be on the cards (it probably wasn't even for classic Blogger, except that Kirk discovered a loophole which now seems closed). But what about giving the commenter a 60 second (or whatever) window to edit their comment after they've posted it, in case they then picked up a typo or wanted to rephrase something they said?

Wich trasnlates in simple terms to:

1.-No Captcha For Logged Blog Authors

I would add "no moderated" too if you are the author of the blog.

2.-Anti-Spammenters Bots

It is more than obvoius you can do nothing for people hired to spam, but it is absurd that Blogger don´t has support for something like Askimet..

3.-Bulk Comment Erasing

A must have, i had two post targeted by spammenter bots and oh boy the shooted up like 50 comments a day...

4.-Comment Editing

This i think will never be supported fro Blog authors becuase then, some unethical blog authors could easily remix/edit their commenters in a not typo related way. so i think it s very interesting the option that IMP proposes, a timer for editing.

This could be easily solved by either having the coment to preview as default and a button of publish or cancel so anyone could adjust to what they are writing.

My Take

al this could be made replacing the moderate comments tab in the Blogger Author Dashboard with a Manage Comments tab, click it and you get presented with a river of comments in the same weay the posts dashboard are set, no matter the post the comment was placed and options within it, if there is moderation enabled a Publish / cancel option would then also appear.

So, BLOGGER, put your act together and bring me my Comment Dashboard!!!

Source: Blogger Beta: comments wishlist


Southern Writer said...

Hi Avatar. I had some trolls, so I turned on comment moderation. Some of my regular commenters and some new ones let me know they were unable to post a comment now, so I turned it off again. It didn't help. The same people I WANT to be able to comment, can't. I tried rebooting to see if it would help, but it didn't. Is this a Blogger bug, or something I can fix if I only knew what to do?

Vivek Sanghi said...

well it might be unwittingly, but whatever we are requesting are all exactly the features present in Wordpress. Well I don't want to start a Blogger vs Wordpress here but definitely Blogger has room for improvement as mentioned by you and consuming exp.

True Life said...

I especially support the idea of No. 4!

But I think more important is the look of the comment posting page... the custom page where you post your comment looks awefull, they at least should make it customizeable or even better have it on the same page as the post like WordPress.

Since dude above me started it: I love WordPress' comment system... it's simply, easy and fast!

Avatar said...

@Southern Writer

redhead, yeah, it is a bug, this in v3.0 is more problematic because there is no republish blog feature since the database is now dynamic, so what you can try, is to edit some other settings, save and then change them back to what you had them, to see if that unlocks the comments.

V3.0 is weirder to work in terms of glitches and bugs than v2.0 for what i have learned.


Yeah, that is what i have been telling with the "why the new blogger is underwhelming" series of posts, that i should finish today if i have time.

@true life
Ditto, read my response to vivek.

Southern Writer said...

Hey sugar, thank you! It turns out that it's just whatever Blogger has done to get everyone to switch over. Non-Beta folks are unable to comment on my blog, and I'm unable to comment on theirs. Strange timing, that. I appreciate your help. Hope you are having good holidays.

Avatar said...


Yeah, but no.

That issue was fixed like 3 weeks ago redhead.. it should not be a problem by now.. ..

I wish you happy holidays too.

Improbulus said...

Hi Avatar, thanks for taking this up (though I'd call it a "wishlist" rather than "rant", myself. Ahem! :D). I see that Blogger have now fixed point 1, unless I missed it before! Though I've not checked the "No moderated" point yet. Hope so.

And yes roll on a Comments dashboard!

Avatar said...


Very nice to have you here Imp, and yeah, what i was thinking with calling it a Rant... :P

i do hope it is fixed, let me know.

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