Dec 14, 2006

Not that long ago Hoctro asked for ideas on what to hack next in Blogger v3.0

I got some ideas, archiving anyone of them would turn you anyone into Bleet on my eyes.

1.- In Main All Results Ajax Search Widget With Pagination

What i do mean by this, simple, let imagine the recent Hoctro In-Main Ajax search but that displays not just Some Results but All Of them as avaible and can distribute them in a customizable form of 5,10,15 results at a time.

the hack installation could be in anyform, it is a complex thing so, i am not expeting a widget creator or a one-click thing.

The addon that does look like this is the Live Search addon, if you need other reference on how it would look like.

2.-Asynchronic Expandable Zones/Modules

This is one of the hardest i guess, it would need to work exaclty as Gaby de Wylde Expandable Post Zones like this one:

Expand +/-
This post zones can be used as both E.P.Z and a expandable Modules to put in the sidebars or to contro from the sidebar to the main.

the only catch here would be to be able to have the as ASYCHRONIC EXPANDABLE ZONES, i have talked with aditya and once with Singpolyma who thought it was a good idea, but both of them are very busy right now, Aditya with college and Singpolyma with college and with the Inline Comment Form hack, so why not share it with everyone?.

So, why to make this?, just think about it, expandable modules that donñt count to the inital load of the blog allowing for speedier blog first impressions, unlimited amount of crap in the sidebars, the option to have inline comments loading in asynchronic form, expandable post content like we have now but also made that way so if you are mantaining embedable videos or else, they don´t affect you, the reasons are endless.

3.- User Customization Module

Just imagine that instead User Them Switching they could choose Color, layout, banners? with a user module replicated from the Blogger Layout control Module that also has persistence thanks to some cookies?


Purplemoggy got the right example of what would be perfect to have, and i´ll be damned, it is a wordpress thing.

Durable Theme Demo

once at the page, just click in the "options" link and you will see it.

4.-LightBox Gone Wild for Blogger v3.0

if you don´t know what i am talking about just go here:

Lightbox Gone Wild

Why?, well, simple you can put flash video there,forms, you name it and you can improve navigation.

5.-All Purpose Widget Creator Web App

As in Hans, Phydeaux and Ramani´s widget creator, why not a kind of internet library or app to build the one click widgets or other widget creators?..

Yes, i know that i am going a little insane here, but why not to push as harder i can right?

and, no these are not the only ideas i got, this ones are the most reasonable....


The Bleet asked, i deliver.

Let me know what all of you think on this.


In Main All Results Ajax Search Widget With Pagination

This Idea has already been tackled and conquered by the man who did the first hack of in-main search:

Aditya, that is.

So, expect proper release soon, and yes i have seen it working.


PurpleMoggy said...

For #3 there's a Wordpress theme called Durable that let's the user change the colors for everything. I'd love to see something similar for Blogger.

And I miss the inline comment form :(

Avatar said...

too bad the demo didn´t worked the times i have tired to check it out, but you know what i meant with how the funtionality must be like.

PurpleMoggy said...


There's another demo here that does work

Avatar said...

i see it now P.M, that was EXACTLY like what i meant.

Efendi said...

yeah ! ADITYA is da man !! *drum rolls*

wwwweeeee .... great news :)

Aditya said...

Haha! The announcement will go up in a day! :P I just to configure the code for mass consumption!

But I wonder how many will use this slightly unstable version of search now that Google AJAX is up and running so well .... :|

Ricardo Santos said...

Avatar, i know its nothing to do with the post, but can you "satisfy" my curiosity about your blogs name?

why bloggeratto?

Avatar said...


yes he is, it s not cool that we can finally name him that way?



My guess is that it will be used by the most sophisticated bloggers...


You question was choose to start a new post thread series, so you can your question on the Invox.

Singpolyma said...

Well, you already know about my implementation of #4 -- I'm going to write you and Adit about an idea I had for #2.

#5 is slowly coming from all of us. You'll note my calendar hack has it's own interface instead of 'cut-n-paste-n-change' instructions :)

Avatar said...


Yes, i am about to edit this and buzz your way..

the idea on #2 was brilliant and i hope it shapes up into something.

#5 i had an idea that could make help #5 but i would need the entire Bleet collaboration in terms of agreement and buzzing.

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