Dec 18, 2006

Invox is the post thread where i will answer the questions you send my way

Welcome to another post thread series that will not be hard to mantain for a change, and that is answering the questions you leave behind for me to answer, the best or more worthy of being publicly known will be answered in the blog for everyone to read, so send your question, and they even will include a linkback to your blog if suitable.

So, my good portuguese friend Ricardo Santos asked in a comment:


I know it got nothing to do with the post, but can you "satisfy" my curiosity about your blog´s name?

Why Bloggeratto?

Umm, it is a very simple question and easy answer but since it is about the blog name, and i have been asked about it like 10 times before i guess that new visitors and regulars alike could benefit from the answer being spotlighted even if it serves for a one "ah" second.

The Answer is:

A time back when i was still fiddling with the idea of opening this blog, i had another name in mind: Bloggerati.

I thought about putting it like that or adding something to it to round up the concept i wanted to transmit with the name.

I didn´t went through with bloggerati for two reasons:

1.-there was already a bloggerati registrated
2.-It sounded like i wanted to rip off from the technorati name asociation.

I had to find another word.

You see, the word technorati is also a slang word, a slang word based on italinglish.

It is on it´s own right a made up word that works right, that blends with english since it is intended as a reference word, and it means: someone that knows/study/explore technology.

I wanted exactly the same kind of slang word.

So, i just looked for a equal italinglish exercise:

Someone who knows/study/explores Blogger: Bloggeratto

There you have it, the weird/funny/boring story of why blogeratto, and what the word means.

Many could say that it was too much thinking just to choose a name, but i love choosing names, when i write something i am quite the oddball, i start with the name.this of course only applies when i am looking for the story and not when the story finds me first.


Efendi said...

hm.. well then
Invox: Why Avatar ?

Avatar said...

i had the vision of you asking me that, but unfortunately, i will not answer that yet.

i got my personal reasons not to do it, but i can answer how long i have been using it and how in a later post where i am going to finally introduce myself in a more proper fashion.

Ricardo Santos said...

Hi Avatar!

Thanks for responding to my question and therefore being the first answer on the all brand new INVOX!

Avatar said...


No problem, a pleasure.

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