Dec 20, 2006

As time passes i am more convinced that if Phydeaux3 is not a journalist by day, then he should have been one, he sure loves scoops and he deliver them in a very insightfull fashion and his last scoop could not be at a better timing.

The scoop is about how Blogger image hosting changed ip and direction which turned very quiclky from something odd into the confirmation that Blogger was going about to be launched for good but that is also proved that the long long delayed Picasa integration with Blogger was prepared to be at the same time that the announcement of Blogger final launch.

Now, the question that remains is how this integrtion is going to be apart from dramaticly increazing the fold of Picasa.

My take

I think that Blogger will be adding a new tab into blogger just for that, but the tab will only serve as a gallery of what you have uploaded from blogger, so the real action is going to be at Picasa Web Albums, and since we are now all using Google Accounts (and to think about the critique they had about Yahoo unified accounts at the beggining), that should be done so you are forced to use Picasa and to show users that this integration is a serious thing, this , belive it or not, is good. it is the very same kind of integration Yahoo did with Yahoo Photos and Y!mail, and oh boy if it not did wonders for their photo fold.

So, my prediction:

Upload, sort and loosely manage photos from blogger picasa tab at the dashboard control, manage, photo blog and go crazy at picasa web albums, why?, becuase Google is also going to add a very capable online Photo Editor as i just got to know, because remmeber that the promised new picasa is still not officially launched.

I also predict that it will be also something similar for gmail if this goes all the way.

I mean, why then to link thing into picasa if there is not going to be integration? that would not make any sense..


Blogger Confirms New Image Host

Beta IP and Image Hosting Changes


deralaand said...

Hey Avatar, I think you have hit the nail on the head with this one. The only thing missing here is an ability to integrate adsense into your Picasa web album. It would somehow need to be a "tag aware" adsense. Those tags should come from the PWA owner as well as anyone that likes the photos and wants to bookmark them in a type manner.
With that, your photos could put a little money in your pocket.

Avatar said...

yeah, but don´t forget that google semes unable to do even good Adsense integrations, much less new versions of it.. they don´t want the money forget it.


;) (wink,wink)

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