Dec 4, 2006

No, you are not mistaken, this is a Blogger-Picasa post, where you can make use of your Picasa web albums in Blogger v3.0,yes, seriously!.

So, even if Blogger and more importantly Google drop the ball with Picasa, that don´t mean the Bleet does the same, much less when you are talking about Phydeaux3, who got in the mod of being able to display picasa phots in his blog like this:

With a widget he is sporting now in his blog sidebar, thanks to a Widget creator he did, that allows you to do a kick-Ass (insert Jack Black voice) widget that gives you more options that if the thing existed in a official form because you can choose exacly how you want it to display.

So, if you use Picasa and got a Blogger v3.0 Blog, do yourself and everyone a favor, put one of this babies in your blog.

Blogger Beta Widget for Picasa Web Albums


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