Dec 21, 2006

Internet Memes.. gotta love them, and more when they are Blog Memes, so, someone thought to do a forwarding chain post. the person who started shared five things about himself, and the tagged five people so they did it too.

The rest is history, viral things come and go but once you let out something like this internet Meme it can go around the internet for a long long time.

So, anyway, i was tagged by Efendi Kwok, and since he is my friend, i will comply to it.

Five Things you surely don´t know about me:

1.- i got online almost 12 years ago, on that time i have meet over 300 people in real life i first meet online. and from 12 different countries.

2.-I was quite a famous blogger at the lately nineties, i spurred a controversy, but there is no way you make me tell you who i was, and fortunately, no way someone can find out...

3.-I owned some domains i lost or selled later for profit that turned to be worth 10-100 times more the price i sold them, yeah i was pissed.

4.-One time some years back(more than 5), thinking i could pull it off like they did in the movies from the eighties,i dated 5 girls i meet from the internet and that i had never meet before on the same day, i started very early in the morning and i finished with the dates at 1am in the morning, i pulled it off pretty well, but at the last date, the last girl i meet had a companion, her companion was the first girl dated that day.... Hijinks ensued..... i survived barely.

They greeted me with " you are a sonnova....", things got hot from there up.

5.- I once recived a inivitation to see a "real" Role playing game session of Vampire the Masquerade (at one of the comic book stores i worked), when i got to this guy house, he had it all, even a little set, and they played it full custome and all, i was the only audience. things got weird when after in the night they jumped into the set to perform live sex acts (vampire style, i guess), once they finished they asked me: So, what do you think?

I said:

"Avant Garde" (triying not to laugh)

they sure were very happy after i told them that, and they invited me every time afterwards, never came back but i still went out with one of the vampire girls in that set one time.but that is another story.


How about that 5 things you didn´t knew about me?, it was never specified how i needed to respond.

But if you want to read stories like that in a almost daily basis, i recommend you to read my personal blog when i open it.

I got one thing i wish people knew when talking to me:

I am mexican not from the U.S.A, Mexico is in North America, not south america, and yes mexico is also a United States Republic thank you very much.


I want to Tag Some in the Bleet:

1.- Aditya (the young gun)
2.- Singpolyma (Blogger wizard)
3.- Phydeaux3 (that cranky old man)
4.-Ramani (the madman)
5.-Annie ( Blogger Sweetie)

So, friends, YOU ARE IT!!


phydeaux3 said...

Meme huh?

We shall see, I may be too cranky. :-)

annie said...

Good God! I thought you were my friend. *sigh* I've never done a meme before. We'll see. Or I could plead cranky like phydeaux3 :-)

Avatar said...


i hope you get to do it in a good way, i am looking forward to it.


I AM your friend. i like you lots and i bet people looks forward to know a bit more about you.

Efendi said...

yeah, this meme will only be the 1st and the last one :P

coz actually i kinda don't like bein tagged at first :P

but since we're in holiday spirit, so why not ? :)

and guess what ? i dont know if mexico are in north :P i always think it was in south :P hehehe.. (i never bother to check on the map) :P

anyway nice 5 things here, "Avant Garde" (trying not to laugh) ;P

Avatar said...


awww, you are so is almost hearbreaking... ;)

It is in north you can tae my word up for it...

yeah, every bit in that story is true and even toned down.

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