Dec 20, 2006

I expected this press release at 23 or at 30 of december but i guess Blogger will be sended off to enjoy holidays before that, so it semed about right to do it while they can.

In either way am happy about it, no more pretending BETA cover.

So, that is it,Pete just got it out in official form at the latest Blogger buzz post.

Now, as always,there is interesting stuff to review beyond the PR blogging yadda yadda, so skip that very very weird part about world of warcraft and the Battlestar Galactica analogy and move into the meaty bits:

1.-Blogger Homepage

new homepage location, sporting redirection to, and a new inviting graphic to try out Blogger, it always came back to the dual log in asynchronic form format, but now, you can log direclty to v3.0 from the form, and you get redirected to another form for v2.0 which is the opposite to what i was before this.

2.-Blogger Dashboard Advert

Get used to this little buddy now above your dashboard main page because it is here for a while until most of the userbase gets migrated.

i like the detail of the crossed over beta word in it..that is for sure.

It sport a link to the new featues tour that remained the same, but it is now being "remarked"

3.-Pete PR Pitch

On thing i love about Blogger is their saucy overdone marketing pitches

let´s have a look at it to make some important notes:

The new version of Blogger is metaphorically bursting with features, from the big guns like drag-and-drop template editing and post labels (which are perfect, by the way, for indexing the 131 historical figures you may have written about), to little polishes like a better-designed Dashboard or that you no longer need to solve a word verification CAPTCHA to post a comment on your own blog.

Very metaphoricaly speaking i guess where he says that is bursting with features.

the good note here is that it poits out to a blog author status log in, this meas that when you are in your blog you will not be forced to solves CAPTCHA to replay at your commenters.

i wonder if that is also true for the moderation glitch that made you to authorize your own comments before publishig them? my guess is that is should be that way.

This is cool, it was a niggle that everyone hated.

We’re done with “beta,” but we’re far from done with the new Blogger.

That is what i hope so, but just looking from what i know, and what is about to be made official this seems to be true for now.

It’ll still take a bit more transition time to move everyone from the old version to the new

Not surprises there as i had been telling everyone, there is no way that Blogger has now over 60% of the userbase migrated, but it was only 60% wht it was needed to be migrated for them to declare it launched.

If you’ve been using the beta, either because you switched or because you created your account after 10 November 2006, click “New Blogger” and sign in with your Google Account.

i find this interesting since it shows the exact date the started to make new accounts into v3.0 the norm.

4.-Why the switching rush?

Simple, since all the servers used in v3.0 are new, it means that having people in v2.0 is costing them resources,staff ad money to mantain now that it has been declared officially a Zombie.


Well, if you are now able to switch, i also ask youto do it, there is nothing better that starting the new year from the scratch up for it to feel fresh. or if you feel like you need more time, then swith and remain in emu v2.0 while you port yourself into the new template languague and get to use the new engine at full effect.


gaby de wilde said...

It's both hilarious and a tragedy. See them trow all this money around to make a beginners tool. As if blogs didn't feel amateurish enough already.

It does leave lots of hope for us to make something new. :0)

Chaim said...

I'm deathly afraid of what will happen if I switch. I have tons of hacks and customized template editing on my blog. Will all that carry over or will I have to start from scratch and redo all my hacks and customization?

kca said...

These folks are funny, so to help them to TRY TO FINISH their work, here some missing function:

- Inline comment form (I still don t understand what is their problem with that!)

- Photo gallery of all the photos uploaded in the blogg (following your next post it seems to come)

- Expandable posts (Thanks to Ramani, i do hope they gonna pay him for the hack^^)

-Web page editor (just like Word Press does. Integrated with Google Page, but with the possibility to have the blog css for the layout)

- Archive page with peek a boo function (just an customizable page where we can have all the post listed under respective categories and)

- calendar widget (sorry but i still not understand how we cannot combine the google calendar with the posts feeds.

- Add a function to the widget to display them in the main page, archives page, post page...

- File upload (why not use the storage of teh google page?)

Alright, I am sure that Avatar got a bunch of list of missing tools and function.

Singpolyma said...

Inline comments form (sort of)

Photo gallery - I still don't get why we much care about this, but Avatar seems to think it's coming, and I doubt doubt it.

Expandable posts - lots of hacks out there (including custom ones like the one I made and never released). Avatar wants more and a (better in his opinion) one may be coming soon.

Static pages - meh, get a Google Pages account. I guess it would make sense here, but it's definitely not something I'm clamoring for.

Archive page with peek-a-boo. You mean like the new peek-a-boo hierarchal widget but bigger? So install it in the center and make it bigger (but only on some pages)... Or you just mean expandable posts? (covered above)

Calendar - yes, it's a bit hackish, but it works. I don't get the connection to Google Calendar. Google Calendar stores your events, having your blog posts show up on your calendar would be goofy. A mash up tool like 30b has would be cool, but useless since 30b already did it. An actual Blogger-inline function might be nice though.

Making a widget only display on a certain page is not any harder now than it was before -- still just two 'lines' of code.

File upload - same opinion as of web page creator.

So there's my wonderful opinion. Sometimes a hack works just as well as native support and I says who needs the native support? Sometimes native would be better (or the only way) and so we wait...

phydeaux3 said...

Just to comment on the 'inline comment form' question (nice hack Singpolyma, that's probably as close as anyone will get)

The issue is security, even if it is esoteric.

Cross-site request forgery
That's the reason for the security token, that makes a (true) inline form problematic. With blogger accounts now google accounts, these issues are and should be taken more seriously by blogger.

Avatar said...

@Gaby De Wilde

it is not the problem of it being a low level entrance for non techies, tat is always good, the problem is google no wanting to take advantage of Blooger and boom the money from it.

but i have been talking about that since Bloggeratto started, let´s se if i google do something by the time bloggeratto get´s to it´s first anniversary..


Your question has been answered in Invox


there are some solid mainstream "why not´s?" in your list and those are:

-Inline Comment form. i also don´t see what the big deal is, if they provided it for the post pages as default, if they are worries about spamming they should then show a deal with something like askimet too, or make some kind of indentification that didn´t crippled the commodity of having it inline.

-The photo management tab-

it´s coming in one way or another.

-Expandable posts-

This one is funny because it came originally from Blogger itself.. so, they should have the guts to back it up as a option.

The "what are you talknig about" are:

-Web page editor.

never going to happen, it makes no sense for it happen, if it happen it would be actually bad.

and if you want to post and manfuacture your post in a more extreme fashion, you can use google documents & spreadsheets, or writetomyblog.

And if you are refing to static pages as stephen thinks, the i agree with him, it makes even less sense.

-Calendar widget-

umm you can get a widget calendar from google, but if what you want is integrated calendar navigation and scheduling, that is better left of for the Bleet.

-Archive Page-

Ditto what singpolyma said.., i don´t get it

-selectable widget position showing..

it is a nice idea but it is now i think even easier to do, and now you got MORE motive to do so, since you have Labels, post pages, and you can do more tricks with them, so there is now a lot more reason to them.

but it being pushed by google, in your dreams.

-File upload-

of course it would kick ass, but since google drive is not out yet, it would make no sense that they made a in-built one just for blogger alone in Google perspective.
but of course it will be kickass, but i don´t see it happening soon until google drive is out.

I do have, a long list of what and what not, most of what i think you can read it at the "why the new Blogger is underwhelming" post thread


1.-inline comment form:
Chuckles (nods)
2.-Photo tab
because it is a cool thing
3.-static pages
agreed...i don´t get it either
4.-peek-a-boo archive
don´t get it either..
agreed i also explained that
i reiterate what i said, i would be cool but for the Bleet, not google, but i think that now is not only easier, it makes more sense now we have Labels
7.-File upload
i think it is valid, but not possibe if the google drive still don´t exist.


I still hooe Singpolyma can crack that, i love rupturist things..


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