Dec 4, 2006

Stress, that is the word i can imagine going around working in the background support of Blogger, i mean, c´mon, v2.0 has crashed more that a win2000 without anti-virus placed in open public station. i even have the theory that the 50% wordpress userbase is composed of burned down/ scorned old Blogger users. and hell even Blogger v3.0, the so called rock solid stable build has it´s mini-crashes (they don´t last more than some minutes, but they exist)

So, no, Not any of the backgroud support has any fault on the glitches or crashes in Blogger , the are the ones to thanks that Blogger didn´t crashed for good, they are both doctors and paramedics. And for that, I salute Steve Jenson now that he decided that enough is enough, he as stated in his Blog, just want to recover at his house and look into other places.

So, in resume, another one to step out of Blogger,

Oh, and i am the only who laughed at this?:

Seriously, who will fix my bugs now?

Oh my god....the mind wanders...


Blogger Buzz: So long, and thanks for all the Blogger!

Saladwithsteve: Last Day At The Goog


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