Dec 29, 2006

The first completed came to be by pure extension of what had originated the idea, and that was the original Native Search made by Aditya, so i can only guess that the minute aditya saw that i was asking for a new version, the minute he got into it because this was one of his most beloved hacks.

So, now you too can have this improved search in your blog,and the best of all is that is you got the H.P Blogger navbar or the navbar as it is, now you have two option to do your blog search, and that alone is worth it. in my case i like this search because it allows you to find the post you are looking way faster that making a regular search in the Blogger navbar, you get the search resultst in the same way you get them while searching google or live search without leaving your blog and without having to fiddle with the entire post reaload like the regular blog search built in the new Blogger.

this version has the added bonus of displaying the results in inputs of 10 at a time, and offering pagination depending on the number of results and changing from page to page in a very swift way.

You can test it in this blog search and if you like how it display, then go and grab the finished version at Aditya´s post.

Native Blog Search improved!


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