Dec 29, 2006

I was shocked by Ramani New NEO template and i was truly lucky to be at the time he unveiled it. the very second it was posted to be seen.

It is the FIRST Completely reworked and truly hacked template that uses the New Blogger engine and that is outlined by JSON and that works in a true Asynchronic form.

Some of the people i asked about the template tought that it was not as innovative as i was telling it was, they of course don´t have a clue how much work has to be put into it, and needs to be put into it to maintain it working flawlessly.

Now, it also marks a another first, because it is the first Ramani work in Blogger that you cannot get for free, that is true, but is also Ramani biggest work to date, and he is not offering just the code for a 10 dlls fee, you will get:

*Full installation of the template
*Previous Template Add-ons ported to your new Template
*New Features adjusted for the template.

So, considering what you get i think it is a great deal.

If you are interested in it, just go to this post:

Neo - The lightning fast blogger beta template


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