Dec 18, 2006

I already know that most don´t use Picasa, but if you do and if you haven´t entered in a while because they never have something interesting, the you might wanna know that you don´t need a workaround anymore to post a simple picasa albums widget into your blog if you don´t want to.

Because now you got the option to grab the embedable code from your web album page:


In the case of v2.0 it is just a matter of drop t in you sidebar or in a post, simple as that.


Drop it into a Post if you want, and if you want to have it in your sidebar, just add it asa Html/js page element and it will work perfectly.

Picasa Web Albums


Umm, i just checked it again.. it appears that unsurprisingly,it a piece of crap.
so, please use the one that Phydeux3 did here


Ricardo Santos said...

i prefer the unnoficcial widget, with slideshow and several other configuration, its all HERE

gaby de wilde said...

I find it laughable how you can pay 500$ for a maxed account but still don't get the visitor stats.

Avatar said...


Yeah, corrected

@Gaby De Wilde

REALlY?, that is seriously fucked up...

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