Dec 12, 2006

Since Aditya says he did the slackerscript for me, i am going to Name it as Blogger Stickies.

Blogger Stickies is a Greasemonkey Userscript that you can use at your Post editor. why you would want something like this?. well this is for when you wirte a lot of posts in advance just like i do, for example right now i got over 70
not published posts scattered around gmail, the Blogger Dashboard and even at my Flock Chrome that sometimes got some notes that help me remember what i intended to wirte about.

Now i can have them all at Blogger Editor wihout having to meditate a minute to remember where my mind was while writing the draft.

So, this can not only help those who have lots of draft but those with bad memory.

Have at it.

Blogger Stickies

And visit Aditya at this post for even more backstory about it

Blogger Post Notes

Other previous Post Editor Userscripts Include:

GM Categorization Helper UserScript

Automatic Blogger Post Saver UserScript


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