Dec 2, 2006

Have you ever wished to have a simple post listing that would show all you posts in one place without any problems?

I know i have, so there must be others that wished that too, well the wish has come true because now you can have just that with this Hoctro hack, which will list your post in a chronological order from latest to oldest in the same way the "recent Posts" list works in Blogger v2.0 but extending to all posts.

This hackk in particular if you have a large blog, would be better suited for all pages but the main, becuase i just think about it, your visitors usually find the post pages first by doing a search or a link, so just imagine how stay time would improve if they saw all the post you have done in your blog since you started?.

That would be the optimal thing, i wish blogs would have it like that without any extra click, so you better do yourself a favor and install this hack Pronto.

Simple Hack: Listing of Contents


Efendi said...

hmm... i wonder how to achieve this on the old blogger.
coz if you set the archiving, there's no way you get can the whole posts of your blog !
blogger does not provide that data !

if some one managed to get a hold of that data, now that's what i called a real hack ;)

Avatar said...

i have already thought about t and there is a manual but easy way and a semi-automatic way of doing it, i will look into it.

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