Dec 9, 2006

Of Blogger v2.0 to V3.0 that is. if you don´t see much difference it is because it was just the transition from the original v2.0 engine to the emulated v2.0 mode in the v3.0 engine.

But if you hover the navbar you will note that it is the v3.0 navbar.

IT started with the so looked for banner in the dashboard:

When isaw it the first thing in my mind was a lot of relief becuase i thought it would not arrive on time for my own impossed "no Matter What"(A.K.A The Hell Pass Switch) transition i was gonna force if the invitiation didn´t reached me.

But now, i had no worries, so at firt i thout in leaving it there until the last days of december, but i got worried i could somehow commit a mistake or that a crash in v2.0 could somehow take me the opportunity to switch, so, i decided to switch right away.

I clicked and the transition started right away

After 5 minutes, the switching stopped showing a warning sign, i got worried:

But i thought that such a thing would be normal when there were over 100 posts with a consistent length.

I then decided to check the Blog and found the "working" sign:

But i waited with the page open some minutes and then refreshed.


A really painless and quite fast experience.

I only had to do some changes to the code here and there and it then looked as it was.

So, if you changed engines too, let me know how your experience was.


Hoctro said...

Hi Avatar,

Now you're "one of us", as a title of an ABBA song says!

Congratulations upon your success in converting to the New Blooger / V0.3 . Now you'll have real experience of toying with all the hack from Ramani, Hans and the gangs after promoting them (the hacks) for so long!!! :)

I think it's really smooth. If you didn't mention I wouldn't know the difference.

That's right! You didn't lie! I just check your feed, it works:


Your commenting system does not work yet. I had to go to your feed, gab your siteID and your post ID to post this post :)

Does this considered a hack? :)))


Avatar said...

I have always been up to the moment of what the developments are Hoctro i got some hidden testblog in v3.0 and a testblog that i have used to port my blog into, so when you this blog in january 1st, you will see it pretty much not only ported into v3.0 but also using bleet powered hacks.

And as the bleet does includes me until somehow someone dares to say otherwise (which i doubt) it also sport some of the Bloggeratto only things i have not yet released.

now, on the commenting system, but of course it don´t works, i forgot that if you are using the v2.0 emulated mode you got to add up the new paths to the comments.

thanks for the heads up Hoctro, i will add that all up into the blog.

and, when i have ever lied in the blog?...

and no, it is not a hack, it is a method.

for more reference, just go here:

What Is What?: Hack - Mod - Method

Efendi said...

wowowowowowow !!!!

the old man, is on beta now !


hm... i should follow the path :)

congratz bro ^^

p.s: i'm using hoctro's method :P

Avatar said...

ah well, bummer, i must remember than 90% of what i could do before in Blogger v2.0 is now worthless and i need to readjust.

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