Dec 28, 2006

This is a great and very quick tip from Hoctro for when you need to paste code in your posts, and to allow anyone to lift it up from them without any effort.

Presenting Your Code to the Readers


Aditya said...

Wow! What a hassle! Why not just use this?

Avatar said...

umm, too bad i can´t see what it is because it gives me a access forbidden notice.

Andrew Urquhart said...

Ah, yes, sorry about that, HTTP_REFERERs from Blogger/Blogspot are blocked (HTTP 403) because of the sheer volume of Referrer Spam that points back to Blogger/Blogspot accounts (pr0n, gambling, etc). Copy-pasting the linked URI will work, even if it's a little inconvenient :-/

Avatar said...


ah, i knew tha something were not right, ah well, i will have to put that note if i post this.

Thanks for stopping by Andrew.

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