Dec 11, 2006

I Like to note how the blog evolves, be it with hacks, mods, methods, services, etc.

The changes from v0.3 are:

I.- Content

I am so-so happy with how i have been posting more and more gradually, it is really not me not wanting to post or not having anything to post since i got tons of late post in drafts, it is just about my damn daywork and nightliving allowing me so.

The mayor change was passing from v2.0 to emu v2.0 mode in Blogger v3.0. i wish i had waited but i just jumped to it with a impulse ,so what is done is done.

Another big change was entering MyBlogLog again and add a social network to Bloggeratto from it, it is really interesting to check who reads the blog.

It is a little frustrating the kind of things that inmediately change even if you are in this emulated mode as stated in my Post transition notes but living is about change and constant adaptation, and so must be Blogging if one truly wish to progress.

The very worst thing right now, is that if you got your Blog modificated your commenting system is rendered void because of your previous configuration, so, i ask you to message away in the plugoo widget, all the messages reach me either online, busy or offline.

And also remember that you can add me a gtalk or send me a e-mail for whatever reason.

In any way, i only have 20 days left to prepare this blog, my personal Blog and the first Bloggeratto Proyect Blog for january 1st.

Overall i feel like the blog it is progressing just by measuring the constant mail/comments/chats i recive.

I just hope all of you are enjoying the blog, and i thank you all for your support.

I thank the Bleet from where i have made friends and i thank you all, the readers for your feedback.



-Passed from v2.0 to emu v2.0 mode in v3.0


-Blog Speed
-some bugs


Removed JS/CSS for the v2.0 H.P Blogger Navbar
Removed JS from Last Updated Posts
Removed Meebome
Removed Cocoment integration
Removed Inline Comment Form

New Features/Services/Hacks Added

-H.P Navbar for Blogger v3.0

To see the previous changes: Zero - v0.2 and v0.3

Another noticable change after the change of engine and script removal is that no matter in what PC you are reading Bloggeratto it turned faster from a 10% to a 70% which is awesome.


Taoski said...

very nice!

Almost makes me want to come back home to Blogger again!

Avatar said...

Yeah, too bad you became a nanny boy months ago, so i doubt you will have the courage to come back...

(Yeah, am still mad you choose the easy road with wordpress)

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