Oct 18, 2006

I Like to note how the blog evolves, be it with hacks, mods, methods, services, etc.

The changes made from v0.2 are:

I.- Content.

1.-Even More defined line of what kind of post i now make as the regular form of the blog, lately with the sequence of

A)Review/look up (services, apps)

B)Buzz post of directly Related Blogger Content (hacks,Mods,Methods, Tricks, Tips, Blogger News)

C)Bloggeratto : A post directly generated from me in any form or fashion.

2.-More Frequent posting


I started to do retroposting last week, every one of those post are marked with a -RetroPost- disclosure.



-Feed fiddling-
-90% reconstitution of blog after losing it All-
-Not yet reconstututed Asychronic Comment Form-
-solved some bugs-

New Features/Services Added

-Hover Comment Count In Previous Posts List-
-Bumpbox Digest-
-Hover Subscribe Links-
-Feedburner Email Service-
-Chatango Gruopchat-

To see the previous changes: Zero - v0.2

I plan to update the blog faster with more hacks and more services added to the blog and to put a Master List of what its in the Blog, inside the Blog Source Code and In a RetroPost

Along with a lot still in store that i am so behind my original schedule that i will not even mention again.

Suggestions are welcome as always.


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