Oct 18, 2006

Ramani started it, so i thought:

Why only Ramani?

So, if you want to make Bloggeratto a favor to show how much you like it, you can go here and if you got a Technorati account, just favorite me.

Now, i want to thank to all of you that are linking me, i actaully know that i have been linked from 104 blogs, so why my technorati says i am only linked at 38???.

Who knows, but i guess it can´t see those blogs.

One thing to also not only help me and help yourself is to claim your Blog in Technorati making your account, this will not only will help technorati to see your blog better, it will alow him to see who is linking you and how your are linking, this will result in a better visibility for you too.



Chubbs said...

You got my vote!

Avatar said...

That is the spirit!!

Efendi said...

i'm always here hermano ^^
go go go ....

Avatar said...

Great, thanks efendi, eagerly awaiting your vote then.

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