Oct 18, 2006

Here is another way you can spicy up your blog, so it gets to look cooler, and this time around is so you can have Drop Caps in your blog posts, it is very simple, you only have to follow Hans post on this if you are using v3.0:

Magazine Style Drop Caps

Blogger v2.0:

Since this is just CSS, the procedure is the same, the only thing you need to do is excahnge the CSS v3.0 variable ($headerBgColor )for your color value (gray,#999)

And remember you can also adjust how big you want your Drop Cap or add a font-family parameter if you want that drop cap being from a different style of your post text to spicy up even more.

In MY case this is the code i have used for Blogger v2.0:

.dropcap { float:left; color:gray; font-family:sans serif; font-size:50px; line-height:30px; padding-top:1px; padding-right:5px; }


Aditya said...

I have had this since the first day ... where's my name Avatar? :-P

Avatar said...

ah yeah, that reference slipped, i thought i had putted it. i will put it in.

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