Oct 26, 2006

I will not give excuses about were i was, i do have answered the e-mails/IM´s (as i always do and will) about it.

Now, as you may have noted there are some common post threads in Bloggeratto.

I have tried to be more precise in the way i post by schedulling posting and planning posts in advance, when i have done it has worked ok, but it also has leaved me with quite a burden of unposted posts, so yeah, i have my own editorial filter in my head.

Right now there are over 30 posts that have not seen the light of the day for some reason or other or because they are works in progress.

Now, i have thought that the most important posts belong at the timeframe of a work week instead of weekend days, so i have decided to separate the posts series and put some for the weekends and other that always will run during work days:

I.-Work Days ( Monday-Friday)

1.-Blogger Says

Blogger Says is my rant post series about either really relevant Blogger news and about throwing punches to things that come from Blogger itself and that can be taken from Blogger Buzz, Blogger Forums or anywhere in the Bloggerosphere, but that come from the minds of actual Blogger Employes making them "official".

Many say that i am too harsh on them, well, i have this really big conflict with Blogger, I love it but i hate how it´s been managed post v2.0, and i think there are a lot Blog cuddlers in the wire already for me to cut Blogger some slack, my deal is to expose things beyond what it´s been said.

2.- Blogger v3.0

Right now, there are 6 people besides me that have taken the v3.0 motto for the new blogger and i am proud of it. i am not going to fall for the buzz of calling the damn thing a BETA, as i said before; if that is a BETA, then we have been living in a BETA release for 3 years now (problems started one year after Google buyout)

You can search in any search eninge the term Blogger v3.0 and guess what you will find as the top results?...... yep.

This series of posts serve and will serve under that mantle until v2.0 is either DEAD or over 60% of the userbase gets to be in v3.0.


I will be making the move of taking Bloggeratto to v3.0 by any means necesary, even by performing what i call "the hellswitch" method if needed, so that by the 1st of January of 2007, so no matter what,Bloggeratto can be at v3.0 by that date, and only then i will drop that post series name.

3.-Blog Of The Week

One of the features i always loved of Blogger v1.0 homepage was Blog Of The Week, this was taken down almost a year before v2.0, but i think a come back is needed, so i will be doing the Blog Review Dance too starting next week.

So, if you want to suggest me Blog or want to be showcased here, send me a e-mail.

4.-Bleet News.

Many still ask me what the hell Bleet means, well Bleet is the term i came with to refer to the Blogger Elite Scene (L33T-1337), this don´t refer to very famous Bloggers, this refers to the group of people i consider the Bloggers that contribute the most to improve the Bloggerosphere and for what i started this blog, so what better than have a unregular(maybe weeklish) post series for when someone in the Bleet want to let all know something and don´t really fits into a Buzz post.

5.-Beyond The B.

This series will serve to focus post that affect the Blogosphere in general, or that must be reflected into a larger scope from a Blogger- Blogger angle.

II.-Rest Days (Saturday and Sunday)

This post are quick newbits chunks, so they serve to keep up everything on check, and tell you more about what i see.

1.-Blogger Status Report

That will resume weekly,whatever problems reported in the Known Issues Blogger Blog, the Blogger Status Blog, Forums,etc, etc.

2.-State Of The Bloggerosphere

What were the common/relevant themes for the week for Blogger users, here you can know about it in very short posts.

3.-Updated Posts

I really think thatn having the recently updated widget is not good enought, so i will ditch it soon in favor of this weekly post where i put what was updated.


This will list every retroposted thing added into the Bloggeratto Archive.

What does this mean,you may ask, well as i said to a friend over IM, why do Blogging has to be Lineal?, so, i decided that if i wanted, i was more than able to post backwards in time, filling in for Posts i would have liked to post and enrich my archive while doing so, and that would not look weird if posted at present time since i hate when other Blogs do it.

"slow week?, bah i will post from the backburner as it is, no one will note"

I HATE THAT, Blogs must stay relevant and in the now, more when they are thematic and NOT personal blogs, a personal blog can be whatever the person writing it wants it to be, but not a Blog with a public nature.

so i decidded that such concept was a good idea.


From next week on i will not make Bloggeratto related post on work days and i will reserve them for a weekly post series.

so, this very post would be under this title like: Blox:New Post Threads.

III.-Some notes.

I decided to do this, so i can mantain a better Blogging pace, and because that way i can get my ideas for the blog in better shape and i think it will give more form to the blog.

i mean, i want to branch out and stand more as a Blogger Centric Blog, in a scope that cannot be provided by Blogger Buzz for example or by anyone up to this moment while keeping up focused on The Bleet.

I also want to say that,i am now looking for another partner for this very Blog, so if anyone else is crazy about everything Blogger Related just let me know. i truly want to make Bloggeratto into something Better.

Right now, i am adjusting and porting things to make sure that when i get to be in Blogger v3.0, Bloggeratto will be way superior to what it is today. i have also decided that the new Bloggeratto Look and related Proyects will be released that very day.

Right now, given my day workload i am better focusing in developing Bloggeratto, the other Blogger related proyects and my soon (i hope) to be released Personal blog.


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