Oct 12, 2006

As i have said and will say again, if you write to ask me something, i will deliver you answers, no matter how easy or hard the question is.
This time around was about posting Code into a Blog Post:

Avatar, i have seen in your blog and in others that somehow you can write code on post, how i do that?


heh, there are lots of ways to do it, but the cleanest, easy and the prettiests are this ones:

1.-Inline Replacing Marks

This way you only need to write this to replace the code openers and closer tags:

To get this:

<a href="http://bloggeratto.blogspot.com">Bloggeratto</a>

That in your post Html Editor must look like this:

2.-Inline Text Fields

In this case you need to put a code to be able to show the code you want to post.

To do this, you need to put a text area form field each time you want to post a some code and then place it inside.

The code for a Textarea form field is this:

<br /><center><form><textarea rows="3" cols="50" readonly>Code you want to post</textarea></form></center><br />

To get this:

See?, very easy to do. now, i use the first method, and others like Hans use the second method.

So, it is only a matter of taste.

Well, i hope this have been some help to someone.and once again, i am just a message away, and now you can also find me at Bloggeratto Bordee Pageboard where you can leave me messages publicly or in private mode.


JasonX said...

Testing, testing is this on? LOL :D
I knew about Inline Text Fields but not from otherone thanks Avatar

Avatar said...


A little mistep uh?, oh well glad you got here in a second try.

and yeah, it is has to be worked, but it look great.. i wish someone would make a online form so any code you posted would then get all ther >< replaced automaticlly so, it would be a breeze to use..

pat said...

some post has box with scroll bar to minimize space.. i wish i know how to do that can you teach me? tnx.. send me a reply 2posporo2@gmai.com
more power

WallsZONE said...

I used the first one work great for me but the second dont work it add me automaticaly "br" in every line.

Anonymous said...

I was wonder how to do something and am hoping you might be able to help explain it. I want to be able to post a repost code box like in the number 2 Inline Text field however, I want to be able to put the code box inside also. What I am wanting to do is have it so when someone goes to repost the code they also can repost the box with the code inside. Is there a way for me to be able to do this?
Thanks for all the awesome information has saved me bunches of time when giving out codes.

Avatar X said...


well, there is a manual way to do that:

1.-use method 2 normally to have your code in a text area from field.
2.-Below the t.a.f.f in a different line you can put the embed code for it by using the inline replacing marks for the code of the t.a.f.f as shown in method 1 + the code you need using the same method. That way you can offer both the code and the code+ the t.a.f.f at the same as if it was an embed code.
3.-In order to not have to repost the inline replacing marks verse for the t.a.f.f, you can simply add it to your post template that is in your formating sub-tab in your blog settings tab.

Hope this helps

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