Oct 29, 2006

Welcome to a new post series where i write about everything that happened and will happen in Bloggeratto from now on.

Technorati: Please Don´t Leave Me Alone

I really don´t get how technorati is doing things, or does things, but their engine even after the latest big upgrade it´s crashing already.

Why?, well, i have confirmed by Metacosmos searches, stas logs, and so on that Bloggeratto has been linked by over 100 blogs in what amounts to a almost 500 links.

Of all that, technorati only registers 39???? and only 268 links????, WTF.

And to make matters even worse it don´t registers my new posts since 11 days ago as if i were in a limbo.. but one thing it still register is even the slightest fluctuation of Rank, i have gone from 78k to a 52k and now 68k rank in the matter of the las few days....

I hope they fix their engine soon, and if you think i am the only one experiencing this because my blog is not important enough, how about a guy who is close to the 1k rank like Stowe boyd having a similar problem?

Blogger v2.0: Why You Hate Me?

Ah, my god.. Blogger v2.0 is going down the drain lately and if it continues like this, that "dogFood" as eric Case dares to claim, is going to be MADE of bugs instead of just having them.

I remember those days when i had not experienced a major problem with blogger ever and i felt like the golden boy because of it, now i have experienced a template cut off, a index cutoff and several mini crashes in just one week...

New Post Threads: More And More Of Them.

I have listed 30 of them, so i think i have room to grow here and improve even more this Blog content for a long long time, i will be taking them out as they fell right to materialize.

P.S:and thanks for those first submissions(9 so far) for Blog Of The Week, please keep them coming.


Chubbs said...

I think Technorati is experiencing some major problems with their algorithm. I'm sure it's an effort to remove SPAM and such from their results.

They need to stay on their toes, considering Google might just turn up the heat with their Blog Search.

Avatar said...

yeah, they need to put up their act together or to be acquired by feedburner, but pronto.

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