Oct 5, 2006

There has been a lot of coming and going around in the Bloggerosphere with the recent update of the Ajax Search Api, that originated on the Ajax Search Api Playground Blog with Mark Lucovsky coming up with some hacking to integrate ajax search better into your blog and now the really really cool Video Bar Widget that sure not only can look cool and simple but has an actual great feature to boot.

Hoctro then grabbed the ball and got it integrated into Blogger v3.0, Before mark and that was the little push that got him into blogs of note.

And yeah, Blogger Buzz is keeping up with the scores on that.

now, what i would like to see it´s a videobar that could search and display the photos from the videos that refer only to certain user, that google could repair Blog search so the Native Search could get fixed and the photo version of the video bar funtionality that could work not only with google image search but with picasa so anyone could search someone pics in picasa from their Blogger blog.


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